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Group protection

help your employees to feel secure.

We all want to feel secure. Safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to us, we have appropriate cover for ourselves and our family.

As an employer, you play a key role in providing workplace protection. From Group Life Assurance (registered and excepted) to Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness. These protection services will typically complement the benefits offered under an effective Health & Wellbeing strategy.

Employers need to regularly review their scheme structures and benefits to ensure they continue to meet the business and employee needs. It is imperative that your offering remains compliant, tax efficient and competitively priced at all times. We are on hand to help.

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We’ve designed our suite of services with employers and their employees in mind. Our solutions bring scale, consistency, help to strengthen your employer brand and reduce cost.


Your Consultant will create an employee benefits strategy that is unique to your business with defined actions, timescales and measures to ensure success.

DNA service


Comprehensive Health & Wellbeing services to support the pulse of your business – your people. From physical and mental health to financial aspects too.

Pulse service


Workplace pensions and other savings products can help your employees prosper. We assist you in complying with your employer responsibilities.

Prosper service


IdentityTM is our modern online portal, designed to enhance benefit administration, governance, accessibility and employee comms.

Identity service


Better connect with your employees via a structured communications plan. Together, we will establish a calendar of campaigns throughout the year.

Connect service