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Workplace pensions and savings

help your employees to prosper.

Workplace pensions are still seen as a core benefit – and for some employees it may be their only form of regular retirement savings.

Retirement plans with generous employer contributions can help employees achieve financial wellbeing in the future. With this comes increased employer responsibility to ensure suitable and compliant pension provision. With the pace of change in pensions legislation, how can you ensure you are effectively governing and communicating your plan to members? Vested can help.

Many employers also want to provide other savings products such as ISAs, alongside their pension offering. We expect to be at the forefront of these market changes and have a new proposition in the pipeline.

The service we deliver today includes project based initiatives as well as ongoing advice and services, which enable employers to manage their plans effectively and compliantly. We can also design and source new plans, if required.

At Vested, we work with trusted collaborative partners who can assist employers in related areas such as share schemes, financial education or individual financial advice.

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We’ve designed our suite of services with employers and their employees in mind. Our solutions bring scale, consistency, help to strengthen your employer brand and reduce cost.


We will create an employee benefits strategy that is unique to your business with defined actions, timescales and measures to ensure success.

DNA service


Our Group Protection services help your employees feel secure, giving them peace of mind they have the right cover should the worst eventuate.

Secure service


Health & Wellbeing services to support the pulse of your business – your people. From physical and mental health to financial aspects too.

Pulse service


IdentityTM is our online portal, designed to enhance your benefit administration, governance, accessibility and employee communications.

Identity service


Better connect with your employees via a structured communications plan. Together, we will establish a calendar of campaigns throughout the year.

Connect service