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Our technology


Welcome to our technology that puts you and your employees in control of their benefits. A comprehensive benefits management and communication platform, vital to maximising your remuneration and reward investment.

As focus intensifies on environmental matters, deliver your benefits in a more sustainable way.

System functionality

Employee Engagement Hub

An easy to use, visually engaging brandable portal for employees. Available on any web enabled device.

Simple navigation through logical stages and minimal clicks encourages engagement.

Reduce the admin or HR burden of answering questions by allowing employees to effortlessly help themselves through this self-service system.

Key aspects include:

  • View their own benefits securely 24/7
  • Access to the total reward statement giving their benefit value
  • Can select or change benefits available to them
  • Can securely receive communications so feel more in control and engaged with benefits

Real time, real worth

An interactive Total Reward Statement graphically showing employees their full financial worth to the company. An imperative tool in recruitment and retention.

We brand to meet your requirements using a choice of pre-built designs through to a fully bespoke benefit brand just for you.


We provide the tech to put you in the driving seat. You can use the Broadcaster to control, who, when, what and how you communicate.

Audit trails are maintained and the sky’s the limit for content; be it videos, graphics, sound or plain and simple text.

The beauty is, after a simple set up, these reports and emails will happen automatically until you want them to stop. From Birthday Greeting videos, to business-critical messaging all is simply managed by you.

Data control & automation

Improve the accuracy, control and movement of your secure data. Our technology will reduce the time you spend on collating, analysing and processing data.

It will provide you with a range of tools to automate the importing, exporting and transfer of data seamlessly using our employer dashboard.

Management information

Pre-built standard MI reports deliver relevant real time data. Either with excel export files or with graphical dashboard images.

This allows you to measure take-up, activity, trends and use this information to improve your benefit strategy and design.

Your employer dashboard

Our technology will make life easier for HR and Reward teams. The administrator dashboard will provide you with a central hub to control all aspects of your benefit tasks and management in one place.

The dashboard can be accessible by multiple people in your business and the scope of control can be managed using the permissions functionality.

System modules

Our technology is modular in design. This means you can initially start with what you need and as your business requirements change, you can adapt it and add new modules to integrate more functions in one place.

This also means it is affordable to businesses of all sizes. Whether your requirements and benefits are straightforward or complex, we can deliver what you need within your budget.


Data security, data protection and access control is vital.

The software is delivered through an ISO 27001 accredited company who has the highest levels of professionalism in security, operations and support.

Employee and Administrator access uses the latest security, with two factor authentication options easily switched on.

Like to know more?

If you would like an informal discussion or would like to see a demo of our system, please get in touch. Our initial consultations are complimentary.


Our flexible benefits and workplace savings solutions bring consistency, strengthen your employer brand and reduce costs.


We have a team of specialists who draw on a wealth of experience across all aspects of employee benefits design and delivery.


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