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Employee review service

why consider using this service?

It’s important to regularly review your employee benefits to ensure the strategy is still fit for purpose and aligned to your business requirements.

Our fixed fee review service will assist you in understanding your benefits, assessing any areas of potential risk and highlighting where any remedial action is required.

what will the service provide?

Employers need confidence they can respond quickly to aspects affecting their benefit structure and design, and this is becoming increasingly challenging without the support of a specialist adviser.

How much will it cost?

We charge a fixed fee, depending on the number and complexity of your benefits. We will agree an appropriate fee in advance and will always be clear and transparent about our fees.

Stay confident and compliant

Our service includes:

  • A summary of your benefit scheme design and structure
  • Identification of cost saving opportunities
  • Suggestions for any remedial work that is required
  • Costings for any new benefits you are considering
  • Highlighting any areas of non-compliance
  • Assessment of the taxation aspects of benefits, including salary exchange

Download the employee review service brochure

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