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Benefits review service

Companies need ideas, budget and a strategy to deliver effective employee benefits programmes

This is where we can add real value.

Irrespective of your underlying benefits the overall package should promote your business profile and culture, both internally and externally. Using your ‘DNA’ guarantees your offering is unique and distinctly different from your competitors.

At Vested we create benefits strategies that are clear, with defined actions, timescales, measures and the commitment of key stakeholders. We make sure your programme is effectively managed on an ongoing basis – which we realise can be challenging, given the range and complexity of benefits on offer. Our structured approach ensures your benefits remain relevant, compliant and cost effective.

The process begins with a full understanding of your corporate DNA. We use our market knowledge, technical expertise, and impartial advice to reduce the internal resources required to run your benefits programme. Most importantly, we can help you make the best use of technology and assist with those aspects that require continuous management.

More services

We’ve designed our suite of services with employers and their employees in mind. Our solutions bring scale, consistency, help to strengthen your employer brand and reduce cost.


Insurance cover helps employees feel financially secure and gives peace of mind they’re protected against the unexpected.


Comprehensive Health & Wellbeing services to support the pulse of your business – your people. From physical and mental health to financial aspects too.


Our workplace pensions and other savings products help employees to prosper, while ensuring you meet your employer responsibilities.

Like to know more?

If you would like an informal discussion or would like to see a demo of our system, please get in touch. Our initial consultations are complimentary.