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Articles by Kenny Moir

Kenny Moir

Kenny joined in 2019 and is one of our Client Managers. His role involves working with clients in an advisory capacity, but his primary focus is supporting our business growth by developing the relationships with our collaborative partners and generating new business throughout the UK.

To what extent are your employee benefits fit for purpose?

By Kenny Moir


2020 proved to be a year of major organisational change, giving HR professionals additional layers of ever-shifting demands and challenges. Employee priorities and working practices have changed, perhaps for ever, and organisations need to make benefits more accessible to remote workers. Technology can greatly assist with this.

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Over half of employers don’t provide an actively managed Health & Wellbeing programme

By Kenny Moir

Press Release

Vested, the Workplace Savings & Benefits consultancy of Embark Group, has today published findings from its Health & Wellbeing Survey, which reveals that 56% of respondents don’t have an actively managed health & wellbeing programme.

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